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Harmonising Distribution February 9, 2010

Posted by pedropan in Enterprise Next, Travel Technology.
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The last decade or the Noughties as it has been referred to, has seen incredible changes in the travel distribution landscape.  This has been in many ways driven by the technology advances made throughout the decade. For example, Hi-Speed Broadband is now virtually taken for granted in the Western Hemisphere, the convergence of mobile and social networking technologies is bringing consumers across the globe into the travel distribution eco system whilst major players such as Google and Microsoft have recently announced advanced products such as Nexus One & the Slate PC all targeted at providing the end consumer with instant access to information 24 by 7.

With this technology explosion, suppliers, travel agents (both offline & on-line), tour operators, wholesalers & distribution channels are faced with new challenges in how they sell, market and distribute their products in today’s electronic age.

In addressing these challenges, extensive Channel Management solutions are being sought that encompass offline as well as online channels thus blurring the boundaries between traditional operators and wholesalers with the new breed of On-line Travel Agencies / Bed Banks. (more…)

Technology – A Painkiller for easing Travel Travails February 2, 2010

Posted by Suresh Iyer in Travel Technology.
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As a person in the proud possession of a passport with 2 additional booklets appended and with almost all pages pock marked with the entry and exit evidences of numerous visits to numerous countries over the past 20 years, I consider myself to be a seasoned traveler. 20 years back, I took my first international flight to USA via London.

On a more recent travel to New Jersey, USA, via Brussels, for some strange reason, I found myself comparing the present travel experience with that first experience. All romantic books typically espouse the theory of ‘first love’. Basically, that first tryst is supposedly the one which everyone remembers the most. For me, that first travel experience had a lot of memories – good and bad. But, what really struck me, while I was sitting on that aisle seat of the Boeing 777 flight and with little else to do, was the significant difference brought about by technology to ease the travel experience. (more…)


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