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Legacy Modernization – Strategic Choices April 25, 2010

Posted by Somenath Nag in Distributed Engineering.
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Internet blog sites and technology portals are full today with different articles on legacy product modernization. A lot has been written on legacy product modernization in the past few years, including different approaches. merits & demerits, business values, and tools. Most of the blogs, articles, analyst reports, and white papers discuss at a high level why one should modernize and then get straight into the chosen approach they wanted to highlight. Very few articles have talked about the most important part of the legacy product modernization, that is strategy. (more…)

Legacy Systems – To push to an old-age home or leverage? January 30, 2010

Posted by Suresh Iyer in Enterprise Next, Travel Technology.
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The travel industry is a very mesmerizing industry – it is global but yet not standardized, it is old but young at the same time, it is complex but can also be extra-ordinarily simple. Right from the wayside traveller’s inns used by weary travellers travelling using their own well-shod feet to horse riders to old Wells Fargo coaches making stops at ranches or rest stops to sleek airplanes flying over the skies providing every possible amenity to both satisfy the flyer as well as ensure a comeback and the hotel providing a range of luxuries catering to both the vacationing family as well as the business executive living out of a suitcase.

The industry has and is constantly innovating. The industry continues to give birth to new players at a phenomenal pace, defying Darwinian theories. Squeezing every cent of profit from operations and providing that extra cent to sales and marketing seems to be a common story as the competitive scenario and industry landscape changes. This is true of many industries as well but more so in travel.

In such a scenario, technology has a vital role to play in both optimizing business operations as well in reaching out to target audiences. (more…)


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