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ESCape to Empower December 13, 2010

Posted by Ramashish Joshi in Enterprise Next.
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The ESC platform, targeted towards small and medium enterprises in India, is built on BSI’s Visibility, Control and Optimize (VCO) vision for the mid-market space. The platform has elements like ‘Open Minds’ that will facilitate ideation, innovation and employee recognition across the SME enterprise in a highly organized and structured manner helping them to adopt best practices of their larger enterprise counterparts. Better information sharing will reduce duplication and encourage creation of information assets and their reusability, which will help medium sized enterprises gear up to scale up faster to compete in the current marketplace.

Portal built using this platform inherently carries strengths of fast paced and structure communication by way of Wikis, Forums and Workflows. It also utilizes the power of advanced search capabilities to easily locate any and every artifact including PDF, Word and Excel files in one click. In fact, Blue Star has also enabled the platform for integration with external systems like Oracle Applications and MS Office applications such as Word and Excel. Shared Calendars, Online meetings and effective workflows would enable geographically spread-out enterprises to work in a virtual office environment.

In the fast moving world of today, platform such as this is the right choice for augmenting cohesive collaborative efforts and talent within the organization. This also targets an in-built performance management system for the employees which can be utilized by the management for transparent and effective motivation.

The new platform helps build an “outward-in” culture by moving out closer to the external stake-holders (including customers) and enabling the portal sites based upon the platform, to easily customize the in-build applications to present the right internal culture within the organization. The “outward” vision of this platform reflects the out-going approach to reach customers thereby gaining more control and visibility over the internal business processes.

Most enterprises use the Intranet just as a portal to fill timesheets, post notices, news, events and other updates. However, with the advent of social IT, Intranet can become an effective platform that empowers employees by enabling them to innovate, build and share knowledge assets from their initial stages and eventually co-create offerings in collaboration with employees and even customers and prospects. The ESC platform will also empower enterprises to improve productivity of even their non-IT, non-core functions by helping them to participate in the overall co-creation and innovation process.

BSI has already implemented the ESC platform within the organization and it is enabling its 1000 odd employees to collaborate, innovate and co-create in a dynamic environment.


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